Meet the Wiseguyz

Freddy Tenore (Freddy The Fireman)


Wiseguyz/Viddiot Freddy Tenore is an artist in Photography, Videography and Film production. He Currently is the photographer/videographer for the Newark Fire Department and the City of Newark. Freddy’s early career in acting led him to believe that politics ALWAYS had an upper hand on landing a big acting role which forced him to learn the back end of film and video production so he could create his own long/short films and videos. And so, was born! To contact Freddy Tenore and information to make a video for your business, talent or self, contact him at [email protected] or subscribe to his YouTube page or friend him on his FaceBook page to message him

Johnny Salami


Hails from Jersey City NJ in a traditional Italian neighborhood where it was so easy to get in trouble but Johnny stayed away from all that and since he can remember has had a passion for Radio Broadcasting listening to iconic radio legends like Bob Grant, Cousin Brucie, Joe Causi and the king of all media Howard Stern, according to Johnny’s mom he would spend hours and hours listening to the radio and imitating everything he heard. For years Johnny persevered and kept at his dream while owning his own business and working fulltime as a sales rep for Starbucks, Johnny has also expressed a desire to work as an actor as also has built up a nice acting resume. Johnny has a few major motion due for release entitled Zara’s Law & and other independent productions. Salami as he was nicknamed early on, got his name from owning his own deli/restaurant. Salami’s comedy influences were The three Stooges, Gilbert Gottfried & Mike Marino….

Johnny has recently put out a comedy cd called “The Traffic Navigator”.   Johnny is also hard at work creating his very own themed restaurant called Johnny Salami’s Celebrity Sub Shop, he is currently scouting for the perfect location in the tri state area. In his spare time John spends every chance he gets with his family especially his nieces & nephews and enjoys rooting for his NY Jets with his crew of guys like Johnny Pudge, Petey Apple(Negative Pete),Steel Wool Lou, and Frankie D.